Great Western Sun Glow Neutral Floor Cleaner - 1 Gallon

Great Western Sun Glow Neutral Floor Cleaner - Case of (4) 1 gal.

SKU: 11336

Sold by the case. Case contains (4) 1 gallon bottles.


Our most popular chemical that can used on tile, finished hardwood  floors, engineered wood floors, stone, finshed wood furniture, and stone.


  • Biogeradable
  • Non Rinse
  • pH 7
  • Super Concentrated 


The latested development on a time-saving neutral pH product for cleaning and brightening and hard, glossy surface (i.e. floors, tile, enamel, painted walls, and procelain). Optical brighteners substantially enhance the beauty of the surface. No rinsing required.


For stripping use the following products in this order:

  1. Lift Off or Blast Off
  2. Sun Glow
  3. Dura Gloss or Perfect Shine


  • Safety Data Sheet

  • Case Dimensions

    13" x 13" x 13"